listening to music

Writing with Music

How many of us write with sound in the background?  Perhaps it’s a fan or some other white noise.  The sound we choose may not have or need a beat or rhythm.  For many people the sound carries with it a feeling. Most often though, it is music that we choose.  The music that we […]

friends talking

Share Your Content through the Relationships You Form

We all know about the big social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and the effect of having a large audience.  If you have written a particularly compelling article, the effect can be amplified as the readers continue to share it themselves.  The audience, however large and responsive, or small and passive, they are your […]


How to Get Explosive Traffic Growth for Your Blog

  Let’s face it, most people that have a blog are doing it because they want to share their thoughts and experiences, but it’s hard to share when there is no traffic.  We all know that successful bloggers are really consistent.  They are consistent about making blog posting, responding to comments, and writing interesting content.  […]

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Offering to Write a Guest Post on Your Blog

We are looking for opportunities to write an original guest blog post(s) for your blog, preferably including a backlink accreditation for the author, within the blog post.  We are willing to pay accordingly, depending on the niche and rank of the blog.  We would also be happy to work out an exchange of some sort.  […]