How to Get Explosive Traffic Growth for Your Blog


Let’s face it, most people that have a blog are doing it because they want to share their thoughts and experiences, but it’s hard to share when there is no traffic.  We all know that successful bloggers are really consistent.  They are consistent about making blog posting, responding to comments, and writing interesting content.  A successful blogger is getting tons of traffic, including plenty of return traffic.

However, for the rest of the mortal blog writers the traffic is hit or miss, at best.  You may create a fantastic blog post, with eye-catching titles and great imagery.  But there are some things that bloggers often forget.  That is to be consistent in terms of doing things to bring in the often elusive swarms of visitors.  In this post I’ll tell (or remind) many of you of the things that you can do to have explosive growth in traffic.

First though, you need to make sure you use imagery that catches the eye.  Some posts do better with photos than others.  For example, a travel blog can have image after image of stunning photos, whereas a blog post about…traffic might not do as well.  Along with images it is important to write interesting, informative posts.  Sprinkle the blog post with sub-headings that grab the attention of the reader, especially the skimmer.  Deliver quality.  So let’s move along to the traffic part.

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Social Media Craziness

We all know that social media can drive traffic, but it can be sporadic, especially if it is not used consistently.  Top of the list is Facebook.  The first thing you need to do is join groups, starting with “blogger support groups”, such as ones as ‘Blogger United’ or ‘Blogging Network’, in which there are 10 or 15 thousand members.  Join a lot of groups.  Pin your favorites to your main page.

Take part in the threads in which people visit one another’s blogs.  You will get traffic, but you may get return traffic, if you’re doing the qualitative things mentioned above.  Share your new blog posts more than once, but spread it out so you cover more people.  Make sure you take part during peak hours, so more users are there to respond.

Other social media that you should take part are Stumble Upon, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Stumble Upon and Pinterest are especially great if you have eye-catching imagery or blog topics.  You can get a lot of traffic.  Some of these, such as Twitter, typically do well if you have a large following.  With Twitter, make sure to remember to use hashtags, particularly when the words are trending.  Also, check out as a way to find people of similar interests that will follow you.  LinkedIn can be good if your blog pertains to the people on LinkedIn.

Schedule Yourself

You should be using scheduling apps, such as Buffer, Triberr, or Hootsuite.  All of these are free, but do have premium services, if you want them.  Another one that you can use is Klout.  Yes, I’m sure you remember Klout from a few years ago.  The nice thing about Klout is that it curates articles and posts, and MAY have yours show up.  Nobody seems to know how Klout chooses articles to curate.  Huh.  Klout does have a scheduling function as well.   You should be making comments and posting your blog updates to social media regularly.  This goes for images as well.

Inflame Those Other Blogs

You can get plenty of traffic if you regularly frequent other popular blogs and leave thoughtful comments.  If you have written a similar post to the one you commented on, leave the URL to your post in the comments.  That way their visitors may be immediately interested in your work.  This can be super effective if your view dramatically differs from the other blog’s post.  Some bloggers have done this to great effect, calling out popular bloggers.  Try to leave comments on blogs in which the blogger is engaged with their readers.  Getting into a “comment discussion” can lead to great things.

It’s all in the Content

Yeah, yeah, ‘content is king’ and all that.  It just had to be slipped in there.  You already likely know this next part.  Write ‘lists’.  Lists, such as Top 10’s, are very effective at drawing in readers.  They can also be a great way to incorporate affiliate links without being pushy.  Stick with helpful, informative blog posts.  They are the bread and butter of many of the most popular blogs.

Engage Your Readers

The most popular bloggers don’t just stop with a blog post.  They tend to respond to comments frequently and even get into short discussions.  Be responsive to your readers.  Don’t just talk at them, instead talk with them.

Provide Ways to Share

I’m sure you’re doing this already, but I’ll just say it anyway.  Make sure you have easy ways for people to share your content with their own followers.  Make sure they include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  And while we’re on this topic, please share this with your friends too.

What do you think?  Did I miss one of your favorite traffic techniques?

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