There Must be Quality in Content Marketing

Someone mentions “content marketing” and you wonder if you have yet another type of marketing to learn, along with internet marketing, social media marketing, along with an assortment of others.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”  Eventually content marketing is what leads to the sale or use of a product.

The people doing content marketing should also focus on quality of the content as well.  Many marketers are understandably very intent on making a profit in some way.  There is often a cost associated with the profit.  Unfortunately, quality is often the first to go when a sacrifice is to be made.  This weakens the relationship with the customer.  It chips away at the trust that is so important in long term relationships.

The other component of content marketing is the marketing itself.  There are more ways to market a product than ever before.  Between video, news, podcasts, email, and a huge assortment of others, there is almost total saturation of the market niches.  But, to the benefit of the customer, these same mediums of communication allow for product reviews and authorities in the given niche to develop.

Authority figures tend to be increasingly important to being able to market any content.  The customer places their trust, not only in each other to a degree, but mainly toward the expert.  Now much of the power to share content rests in the hands of that trusted authority.  They are the ultimate purveyor of goods.  The reputation of the authority is always at stake though.  The rapid mass communication available to everyone makes it all too easy to tarnish that reputation, when the trust is broken.  So, quality content marketing shared in some way, especially when it’s linked to a subject authority has the best chance of leading to profitable customer action.

Other proponents of quality content are the search engines.  In their attempt to offer quality content, they largely dictate what content is available to the customer.  However, social marketing only reaches those who want to listen.

Quality is the foundation of content marketing.  Without it, trust is sure to fall.

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